In addition to the Recording and Mixing services, The Garage Studio provides:


The eMixing service gives you the chance to have high quality and analogic songs mixed by a professional recording studio at a convenient price.
The first step is sending us a multitrack audio file of your song, in WAV or AIFF format, by email or uploading it via WeTransfer. It is advisable to send us some songs' titles from which we could understand the sonority and the influence you would like to get from your final mix.
The first mix you'll receive is exclusively for a first listening so that you can give us a comment or the approval to create the final mix. At last, you'll receive the final mix, with instrumental and a cappella versions. The cost of the service starts from 300 Euro (VAT excluded) for a song. For more info, contact us by email.

Songwriting Camp

The Garage Studio Estate is perfectly adequate to host a Songwriting Camp. In addition to the highly professional and technological recording Studio, it has wide, various and wonderful outdoor and indoor spaces.
Besides, there are numerous rooms, suitably arranged for writing setting, perfect for a balanced disposition of the writers.

Why choose The Garage Studio for a Songwriting Camp?

Staying at The Garage Studio Estate is a complete sensorial experience, an immersion in colors, flavors, natural landscapes, that nowadays constitutes the real luxury.
The privacy of the environment represents a unique advantage and a creativity occasion stimulated not only by the natural beauty but even by the innovative character of the recording studio.
The union between tradition and innovation is the core which distinguishes it, which boasts of high quality and professional instruments, equipment and systems.
Both the cottages guarantee eight double bedrooms, each one with a private bathroom, two big kitchens, three big halls, with authentic fireplaces, two verandas, a reading room, a billiard room and large spaces outside.

Via della Guardiola, 110 - 52041
Civitella in Val di Chiana Arezzo (AR)
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