The owner of the studio is Fabrizio Vanni, Italian sound engineer, arranger, producer and composer who have been working in the music industry for over 40 years.

Fabrizio was born in Arezzo, where he grown up with his passion for music starting his career as a singer and composer in the 1969.

In the 80s his passion lead him to become a sound engineer, living the greatest changes of the recording music industry, from the analogue to the digital world.

Its first studio was built in the 1982, located in Viciomaggio, his hometown. His first console has been a TS 12 SoundCraft.

He then moved in the countryside in 1989, where the studio is located nowadays.

The studio was first built inside the colonic Villa (foto).

He began with the console Soundcraft 3200 (photo).

It was installed in the ground floor, where once there was the farm part dedicated to the animals.

History comes out in every corner of the Villa.

In 2013 he decided it was time for a big change, and that’s when the new building which now host the actual The Garage was built and the new protagonist took its crucial place in its control room: the SSL 9000J series.

Via della Guardiola, 110 - 52041
Civitella in Val di Chiana Arezzo (AR)
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call +39 0575 1596036

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