The Bedrooms

Each bedroom is designed to create a unique sensorial experience with the perfect balance between colours, textures, perfumes.
All the bedrooms are double and they can totally host up to 16 people.
The atmosphere, the colors and the perfumes here are natural creativity boosters which help make The Garage Studio experience unique, addictive and unforgettable.

Camera 2 Letti Casa Piccola
Camera 2 Letti Casa Piccola 2
Camera Piano Cucina Piccola 2
Camera Rosa
Camera Grande Casa Piccola
Camera Rosa 2
Camera Grande Casa Piccola 2
Camera Celeste 2
Camera Celeste
Camera Gialla
Camera Salmone 2
Camera Salmone
Mansarda 2
Camera Piano Cucina Piccola
Camera 2 Letti Casa Piccola 3
Camera Grande Casa Piccola Bagno
Via della Guardiola, 110 - 52041
Civitella in Val di Chiana Arezzo (AR)
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