Our philosophy

The Garage Studio is located in the Tuscan countryside, near Arezzo. Since the beginning of the business, the idea has always been to create a studio in balance with the surrounding environment. For us the concept of sustainability is both human and environmental. "Human", because we emphasize a healthy lifestyle, in contact with nature and with respect for it. "Environmental" because it is essential to cause the least impact on the environment.

Specifically in 2010 we installed the first solar panels, which allow us to create the energy we consume for our business. The concept of sustainability indicates a long-term process: our goal is to get 100% renewable energy.

In our cultivation activity, the impact in the environment is equal to 0 and most of our crops are native and naturally compatible in the area.

Through this process, we give our customers a healthy environment, with products at 0 km along with a recording studio that guarantees the highest standards of quality. For us this is the concept of true luxury that has its basis in simplicity and balance with the environment that surrounds us.

Via della Guardiola, 110 - 52041
Civitella in Val di Chiana Arezzo (AR)
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call +39 0575 1596036

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