The Studio

With three underground walls in reinforced concrete, the control room boasts of great solidity and an impeccable acoustics, as revealed by the phonometric survey. Conceived and developed by Donato Masci - Studio Sound Service, the acoustics has been projected to achieve an extremely stable and defined image, linear for every kind of monitor and for all the audible spectrum.
The core of The Garage Studio is a Solid State Logic SL9000J 56 channels large format custom console with Ultimation® moving faders automation.

The Estate

Apart from being a state-of-art recording studio, staying at The Garage Studio Estate is a complete sensorial experience, an immersion in colors, flavors, natural landscapes, that nowadays constitutes the real luxury.
The privacy of the environment represents a unique advantage and a creativity occasion stimulated not only by the natural beauty but even by the innovative character of the recording studio. The union between tradition and innovation is the core which distinguishes it, which boasts of high quality and professional instruments, equipment and systems.


The Garage Studio has hosted the first Home Visit of the 12° ed. X Factor Italia.

The Home Visits were held in four European Recording Studio: Studio La Fabrique, Daft Studio, Ocean Recording Studio and The Garage Studio.

The judge who choose the location has been Fedez, who decided to bring the Over Group candidates performing under the Tuscan sun.

Here a glimpse of the episode.

The Garage Studio together with Woodworm Label and Mengo Music Fest and with the crucial patronage of Italpreziosi SPA, organizes the MUSICA FURUTA – CITTA’ DI AREZZO Prize for singer-songwriters, bands and emerging performers under 35. The winner will have the chance to record and mix their first album at The Garage Studio, to be produced by the record label Woodworm and to perform live in the Mengo Music Fest stage.

The winner of the first edition are the talented Handlogic, a band from Florence. defined them as a “Icy vocal harmonies and electronic grooves melt in bittersweet pop songs with a Jazz/R&B tinge”.

Soon the recording and mixing will start: follow the update on the social medias of the prize.

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