The Location

THE GARAGE Studio is located in Arezzo, right in the heart of the Chianti country, just a 40 minute drive from Florence and Siena.

The property was built in the late 1860. It has always been a manor farmhouse surrounded by vyneyards, oliveyards, vegetable gardens. With the pass of the time it began a neuralgic spot for convivial life, as the 90-year-old parents of the owner of THE GARAGE Studio and inhabitants of the area have always told.

In 1987 Fabrizio Vanni, owner of THE GARAGE Studio, bought the property and with the elegant touch of his wife, made this farmhouse a wondrous place saving its original essence. The villas are still aurrounded by oliveyards (from which we create our own oil), gardens, a private woods, a fond and a swimmingpool.




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In addition to being a State-of-the-Art recording studio, our property also has two historical, country houses with eight comfortable, well-appointed bedrooms, each with their own private bathroom which can accommodate up to sixteen guests and provide two kitchen, three big saloon, two veranda, a reading room, a biliard room and patios.

The atmosphere, the colors and the perfumes here are natural creativity boosters which help make THE GARAGE Studio experience unique, addictive and unforgettable.




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