FABRIZIO VANNIBabbo in regia

Fabrizio Vanni is sound-engineer, producer, and owner of The Garage Studio. He has always worked in the music environment, opening his first studio in 1982.

During his career, he had the chance to work with a large number of great Italian artists such as Giorgia, Jovanotti, Massimo Ranieri, Lisa, Angelo Branduardi, Marco Masini, Marlene Kunts, Riccardo Fogli, Negrita, Albano e Romina Power, Maurizio Fabrizio, etc., but even international artists, as Toquinho.

With over 35 years of experience, in 2013 he founded the independent label The Garage, with the aim of discovering and of valorizing new artists.



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Marco Romanelli is a recording and mixing studio engineer, specialized at Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale (APM) in Saluzzo.

He has worked with artists such as Negrita, Fast Animals and Slow Kids, Il Pan del Diavolo, Francesco Motta, Francesco Rossi, Pupo, Gnu Quartet, Ruma Tera, Litfiba, etc.




 FABRIZIO SIMONCIONI10371488 658351500903930 7419473721337975759 n

Fabrizio Simoncioni aka "Simoncia" (pronounced see-mon-tchah) is a top Italian recording studio engineer, mixer, musician

Specialized in rock and pop genre, he has to his credits more than 56 platinum & many gold records awarded along with a "Best Album of the Year" nomination at the XIII Latin Grammy by working with the most popular Italian & Latino American Artists. Among his many studio projects, he worked and/or collaborated with international producers and engineers such as Tom LORD-ALGE (Rolling Stones, Marylin Manson, CrashTest Dummies), Richard "Jack" GUY (Inxs), Ethan ALLEN (Tricky), Michael TACCI (Metallica, Motley Crue, Vasco Rossi), Rick PARASHAR (Pearl Jam, Nickelback), David LEONARD (Prince, Indigo Girls) Scott MATHEWS (Barbra Streisand, Keith Richard, Mariah Carey), Fabrizio BARBACCI (Negrita, Ligabue), Alberto PIRELLI (Litfiba) Ettore GRENCI (Yuridia, Kalimba, Erik Rubín), Kiko CIBRIAN (Luis Miguel, Reik) and many others.



PAOLO ALBERTA921730 10201071655663866 1204481533 o

Paolo Alberta is a recording and mixing studio engineer since 1998. He has credits in a large number of indie and major productions' discs. He uses Pro Tools, he's an expert in HDX/HD/Native systems, and other software such as (Apple Logic, etc.). He's an expert user even with SSL 4000/9000, Neve VR, Amek, MCI, etc.

He worked for more than 15 gold and platinum discs, collaborating with Negrita, Ligabue, Emma, Francesco Renga, Il Cile, Roy Paci, Edoardo Bennato, Caponord, Thank You For The Drum Machine, Paolo Benvegnù, La Fame Di Camilla, La Zurda, etc.


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